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Sunmix manufactures spiral mixers for residential, commercial and professional use.

Our story began in 2008, when ERCAV, a famous company from Vicenza beca
me part of Dalla Guarda family corporate group. ERCAV had been producing spiral mixers for more than forty years before partnering with Dalla Guarda, to form Sunmix.

The fusion of their experience in the mechanical sector combined with the development of innovative techniques led to the rise of Sunmix, with the aim of becoming the world leader in mixing machines.

Our current range of mixers features numerous model sizes, suitable for any sectors including domestic, artisanal laboratories, pizzeria, bakery and the entire commercial culinary industry.

The Sunmix technical team designs mixers taking into consideration innovation and new technologies to improve productivity, in perfect balance between reliability and durability, nested in an aesthetically pleasing shape.

The secret to our success can be found in the synergy between our technicians and our mixer users, whose experiences we have treasured for yearss, as we look forward to continued dough mixing succeess for decades to come.

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